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Ensuring the accuracy of your advert

As a holiday home owner you're sure to want to avoid complaints from guests. Therefore it's paramount to ensure that your advert is 100 per cent accurate at all times.

If a guest makes a booking based on inaccurate information provided on your advert, then this is classed as misrepresentation. It's not just the property and its facilities that are important in this respect, but also the immediate surroundings (construction works nearby need to be mentioned, for example).

Make sure you're aware that:

  • As stated in our terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information contained within an advert.

  • By taking a booking from a guest, you enter into a contract with them, which should be confirmed by you issuing, and both you and the guest agreeing to, a booking contract. It will be your responsibility to fulfil the expectations on your side of the contract. Likewise, the holidaymaker should be bound to their side of the contract.

  • Should a holidaymaker justifiably claim that your advert is misrepresentative, it will be your responsibility to compensate them should they claim damages for their loss.

  • Holiday Lettings is not party to the booking transaction between you and your guests. Therefore, if any disputes arise, it is your responsibility and that of the holidaymaker to resolve them. Holiday Lettings cannot be drawn into any disputes.

In order to avoid complaints and claims of mispresentation, take the following into account:

  • Be honest about the maximum number of guests your property can sleep. If your maximum occupancy includes sofa beds, make sure this is clear. Also clarify if sofa beds are single or double.

  • Don't exaggerate your proximity to the beach and other attractions - if it's a ten minute drive, don't describe it as being a stone's throw away, for example.

  • If there are building or road works going on nearby, ensure you are upfront about these in your advert or in your communications with guests - unobstructed sea views may no longer be so, and the noise could disturb guests, for example.

  • Don't advertise facilities until they are actually fitted in your home. Guests are likely to be attracted by the mention of hot tubs etc., but won't be impressed if it's not going to be installed until after their holiday.

  • Don't be over generous with the truth. If you have a whirlpool bath, don't advertise this as a Jacuzzi or hot tub, for instance.

  • If any facilities are shared with yourself, if you live on site, or other holidaymakers, make sure this is also clear in your advert and any communications you have with guests.