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Changeover days: tips from owners

Changeover days can be a challenge – there’s a lot to do from restocking the cupboards to chopping logs for the fire. With this in mind, we turned to holiday home owners on our Facebook page. Here are their top tips to make changeovers easy:

  • "I work through a mental list, the same procedure in each bedroom and then move on the bathroom, shower room, kitchen and dining room. Between us, my husband and I seem to do our changeover without too much trouble.” Jane Houseley, Home 166623

  • “In my booking contract I state that the guests need to vacate by 10am and new guests can arrive from 4pm, unless the cleaner is happy for an earlier time. This ensures time for cleaning and for any breakages, leaks and faults to be fixed.” Gavin Price, Home 10126

  • “With two gites it can be hectic on changeover day; the trick is to delegate! Everyone in the family has a job to do, starting with stripping and making up beds, cleaning bathrooms and cleaning upstairs. My husband has already cleaned the kitchen, stocked the fridge and I whizz round with the duster downstairs. My husband and son clean the pool and tidy up the outside areas. Job done!” Amanda Soulsby Rothwell, Home 153364

  • “Departure time is 11am and arrival time is 4pm and in those five hours it’s all about team work. My husband and I know what has to be done, each week we do the main jobs but try to fit in on alternative weeks an extra job like cleaning outside windows, pruning in the garden on a rota, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards or chopping logs for the at some stage each month, everything is done. Another tip: ask guests to leave all laundry and towels in bath at end of stay; it saves half an hour at least of stripping beds.” Gill Tomkins, Home 70653

  • “I live by lists and I have a list of things to do and items which need checking when guests leave. This list has proved invaluable when either myself or second in command, my husband, are not around and good friends offer to help. We fit gardening and window cleaning around guest activity, watching closely when they leave for a day out.” Kathy Conner, Home 179176

  • “Have welcome packs ready made up to just pop into a welcome basket. Store laundry by size with matching sheets and pillow cases. Ask guests to remove rubbish, strip beds and put on dishwasher. This all saves time and ensures a more efficient changeover.” Nadine Marshman, Home 199760

  • “We have two rental properties so we try to stagger our changeover days if possible, especially during peak weeks. My husband and I stick to a set routine, I do the beds and bathrooms while he cleans the kitchen, dusts and hoovers. Loud music always helps us get through the day in high spirits! We ask our guests to leave the kitchen as they find it, dispose of all rubbish and if they want to leave/arrive late or early to let us know so we can accommodate them if possible.” Helen Mallaburn, Home 93199

  • “If you have a property manager agree your check in and check out times with them so there are never any crossed wires. Check-in is at 6pm and check-out at 12 noon, but if guests are early or late they can still use the pool, the pool bar, loos and store luggage.” Anna Mangan, Home 65786

  • “I have no routine and changeover day is usually chaos but I always get there in the end! I’m planning to invest in a 'key box'. That way, guests can let themselves in." Sharon Williams, Home 181513

  • “We've changed over all our sheets to matching sets for our entire inventory, which really helps speed up the process. No more searching for 'that' pillowcase and having nothing else to match. Late check-outs and early check-ins are always a firm favourite with our guests and we accommodate whenever we can, but when we can't a bag drop is always a great option." Palace View, Home 64300

For further reading, see our advice page about how having flexible changeover days can boost your bookings.

Author: Kate, Customer communications executive

Date: September 2012