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Booking Manager: owner feedback

The new Booking Manager system from Holiday Lettings allows you to manage all of your bookings from one place and take secure online payments from guests. With thousands of Holiday Lettings homeowners now using Booking Manager, a handful of them shared how it’s making it easier to manage their businesses.

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"I must say the Booking Manager is very easy to use, to manage/administrate booking as well as easy to take payments. I am very impressed with the function and in fact, I use it for phone order as well." Home 249512

"I have been using Booking Manager since the beginning and have been very impressed by it. It does, as you indicate, inspire confidence in guests when booking. Even though it is early days I believe we have been able to secure more bookings because of it. It helps enormously that you send reminders for payments and it looks professional because it is! I'm also impressed that you regularly review and modify it; making changes and additions, all of which i would endorse." Home 133515

"I’ve just been introduced to your Booking Manager and I’m very impressed – this should take hours off the business of responding to enquiries." Home 120952

"The Booking Manager service is fantastic. Very clean and simple to use after a 5 min play. I cannot wait to see that side of the system save myself some time. I normally spend ages managing my balance payments, etc. Congratulations to everyone involved...I'm a very happy customer!" Home 80826

"The Booking Manager is great and I will be using it for next year. This year I am fully booked until the 5th of November thanks to your great web site." Home 2630

"Just to let you know I do use Booking Manager and find it very easy to use, time saving and helps me keep track of who is staying, thinking about staying and when. It's an excellent addition to the fantastic service you provide." Home 227015

"I am already using Booking Manager and find it to be extremely useful. One piece of software in one place - superb." Home 155644

"I have just started using Booking Manager and it is going to make a massive difference. It's a great feature!" Home 52408

"I've already gone over to Booking Manager and I'm delighted with the service and the reduced Paypal fees. It seems to be working really well..." Home 234420