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Zoning: preventative measures

When you invest in a holiday home that you intend to rent out, it's important that you check the area's zoning (land usage) regulations. Zoning is particularly prevalent in the US, but is also practised in other countries. Some local authorities may ban short term rentals or enforce other limitations. For more information, see our US zoning advice page.

However, there's no need for holiday letting to cause discord in your community - the tips below will help foster a good relationship and prevent problems.

Support the local community

Short term rentals could become an issue if they aren't deemed to be contributing to the community and local economy. Counter this argument by:

  • Making sure you pay all local taxes and keep records

  • Using your local shops to stock up on basics for your holiday home and encourage guests to use them to buy goods during their stay

  • Making a calendar of local events that guests might enjoy

  • Leaving plenty of information about nearby attractions to encourage guests to spend money locally

  • Employing local businesses for changeovers, gardening and general maintenance if you're not on hand

  • Being active in the community when you're using the property - get to know your neighbours, help out at and attend local events and get the most out of having a home there!

Build good relationships

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you buy the property and let them know you'll be renting the property out

  • Leave a phone number with neighbours in case they have any concerns when you're not there

  • Keep your gardens tidy and your house in good repair

  • Ask guests to be respectful of other residents who aren't on holiday - not everyone will be able to lie in come morning

  • Request a security deposit from guests to discourage parties

Keep smiling

Should short term rentals become an issue in your locality...

  • Team up with other owners in your situation - get together regularly and discuss the best strategy to fight any potential ban

  • Attend all public meetings and hearings on the issue

  • Be approachable to discuss the concerns of others

  • Remain calm and rational, no matter how frustrated you feel - getting angry will do you no favours