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Why buy a holiday home to let?

Buy-to-let is an increasingly popular option with second home owners. But what are the benefits of buy-to-let and why is the market booming?

The rise and rise of 'DIY' holidays and financial gain are both key components in the success story of buy-to-let.

For the basics of why buy-to-let could be for you, read on....

  • Self catering holidays are more popular than ever - according to research from Mintel, it increased by 22 per cent between 2002 and 2007. This shows an increasing number of holidaymakers are fans of the DIY holiday, where they put together their own 'package'.

  • The growth in Internet holiday home rental sites, such as holidaylettings.co.uk, is increasing the exposure of holiday homes online.

  • When these facts are added up, this means a potentially profitable rental market for holiday home owners.

  • Rather than your holiday home sitting empty when you're not using it, it makes sense to make it work to your financial advantage.

  • Renting out your holiday home is a great way of covering your mortgage payments and with enough bookings you can even make a profit.

  • If you are investing in a holiday home abroad, you can often get more for your money than buying back in the UK. Combine this with any financial gain you may make from buy-to-let, and you can enjoy the benefit of your holiday home paying for itself.

  • However, remember to always do your research before making any decisions. Make sure that both the area and the property will work for you.