We stayed 10 days at this property, our third one during our 4-week visit to Sri Lanka. It is well off the beaten track, and requires a long walk to pick up a TukTuk, unless your fortunate in catching an empty one returning from the Fisherman’s Wharf situated at the end of the road. The grounds are large, and partially screened from the road, giving a bit of privacy. The grounds overlook the lagoon, and passing fishermen and abundant bird life can be seen, as well as the occasional water monitor, crossing the grounds. However the main feature of this property is the swimming pool, which is large enough for a good swim, and is very warm. However the downside. The kitchen, if you could call it that is appalling. There is a two gas burner, run from a gas cylinder, a sink and a fridge freezer, which still contained green beans dated November 2014, as well as other leftovers. The kitchen was dirty, and basic, even by Sri Lankan standards. The electrics are dangerous. The lighting in the main bedroom is provided by just two standard lamps, one of which had a live light bulb holder, which resulted in me receiving an electric shock. This was reported to the owner but no action to remedy this was made. We had a power cut one morning, an RCD on the main power supply burnt out. Although the caretaker was aware of this, he took no action until the evening for it to be repaired. We had no power until 9 p.m. The caretaker had no respect for our privacy and would frequently enter the open living area, even whilst brushing his teeth. The final insult was to stand behind us watching a film, which we were viewing on our laptop. Despite a complaint to the owner PJ, these unwelcome intrusions continued throughout our stay. Unless the kitchen and power supply was improved and brought up to acceptable standards, and the caretaker ceased his intrusions we would not stay here again.