This was our second stay here. First stay was for two nights back in March and second was October with family and friends, I booked straight after the first visit as I was impressed with the lodge and surrounding area. Brendon took the second booking also and state three night minimum stay - we booked this along with next door and paid at the time. I contacted them to confirm the stay before the trip only to be told I had only booked for the two nights - I knew this was not the case - they basically after this was rude and unhelpful just stating I was wrong and making me feel like a liar. My only saving grace was the text messages still on my phone. After having to send the proof as not believed they then said they would have to honour this only to then keep contacting me once I was already there - it just made me feel very uneasy. He didn't even speak when we saw them out and never bothered to see us on the checkout. Was very upset about the service. I would recommend the lodges on this site but would say choose another one like the one next door and check your order!