PJ's is a superb expanse of property with the right mix of space & privacy, located in a small village by the Hikkaduwa Lagoon/lake just before the town. The ambience is peaceful and tranquil- especially compared to the bustle of Hikkaduwa beach & town. The pool is a major plus point- particularly after a day at the beach. Beds are comfortable with good linen although the rooms could benefit from more charging points for the usual gamut of electronic gadgets. The open plan Bathrooms/Showers are great (particularly the en-suite) but you have to be on the lookout for (seasonal) coconut pluckers in the neighboring property before using the facilities! The plucking season is usually every 3 months, so a cursory check will be adequate- this will be a non-issue once the bamboo fencing and camo grows to adequate heights. The lagoon access (boat/oars/lifejackets included) provides a little more adventure. Local fisherman traverse the waters regularly, and if one is lucky enough, they can strike a deal on local fish/crabs for a different kind of meal. There's a basic, detached kitchen with a fridge and stove top will be enough for basic meals, and the town is close enough that you can get the necessary wares for cooking. This does mean a little bit of a to-fro walking when you need to access the fridge or a little messy if it is raining. The caretaker, is a gruff but obliging character and will help out where possible. Note that he is not a cook and is only responsible for the upkeep of the property. Mobile (phone) Reception is good but a little restricted inside the rooms but fine elsewhere on the property. A great getaway- recommended!