PJ's is a delightful hideaway in the coastal party town of Hikkaduwa. It is situated about 800m inland on the banks of a mangrove lined lagoon. It is tranquil for the most part, occasionally interrupted by music from wedding celebrations in the village (although my mini boombox did compete). During my stay in December, I would wake up to bird song. Languishing during the day one could observe woodpeckers, parrots, babblers, drongo, mynahs and robins frequent the garden; swallows chase each other zigzagging through coconut trees and kingfishers taking a bath in the swimming pool! The view of the lagoon affords a peak in to village life with villagers transporting their wives and children on traditional outrigger canoes and fishermen gliding by from time to time trying their luck or inspecting nets or crab traps. I particularly enjoyed going sightseeing on the canoe. The mangroves are enchanting. As are the big blue jellyfish and the local 'godaya' fish that somersaults out of the water from time to time. If so inclined there is a fishing rod available. Although borrowing a local fisherman's simple palm frond rod is likely to yield better results. I wanted to eat healthy during my stay, and so asked for the cook, who is available on request at an extra fee, and gave him specific instructions on what to prepare and how. Remember that he is not a professional chef but a fishermen turned cook who does a great BBQ. In my case it was fruits for breakfast, and local veggies & fresh seafood at other times. The train from Colombo to Hikkaduwa is a scenic and cost effective way to get to PJ’s. A tuk tuk from the station would cost around Rs.100-150/- and the train ride about Rs.250/- Looking forward to my next trip to PJ’s!