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Airport Suvannabhum Airport
Train station Sky Train 2 km
Car Car advised

How to get there

By car (from Suvannabhum Airport): Take the Bangna Expressway, head towards Bangkok city. You will arrive at the only tollbooth on the way to "Moo Baan Phakdi". Please pay the TB50/= toll fee, then head on towards Dao Khanong (signs displayed on expressway: "Dao Khanong/Din Daeng/Rama 9 Road/Chaeng Wattana). From the Toll Gate, travel for about 7.4 Km (bear left before you arrive at the 7.4 Km mark) where you will arrive at a fork with the expressway signs that read: Dao Khanong (heading left) & the other, Din Daeng/Rama 9 Road/Chaeng Wattana (heading straight on). Take the Left that leads towards Dao Khanong. Drive on about 0.5 Km, then get off the expressway at "Sathu Pradit". Go pass 1st light. At *2nd light (about 2.3 Km from Sathu Pradit exit) make right towards the sign that reads *"Charoen Rat" (you will have then be on Rama 3 Road). Bear right to access the 1st flyover, drive straight towards Rama 3 Bridge ahead of you (about 2.9 Km from the *2nd light/*Charoen Rat "T" intersection), do NOT go over Rama 3 Bridge or the sign that reads "Ratchapisek Road". Bear Left as you get closer to the Bridge & follow the sign that reads "Charoen Krung", then bear right immediately as you will have to make a "U-turn" under Rama 3 Bridge. Drive straight on for about 1 Km after the U-turn & you will have arrived at the entrance of "Moo Baan Phakdi" (translated into English: Phakdi Village). Make Right @ Soi 4 ("Soi" means Lane), about 0.1 Km from Phakdi entrance, then another Right at Soi4/1, about 0.2 Km from Soi 4.  The FIRST TOWNHOUSE (painted white) on the LEFT of Soi 4/1 is your new vacation home - YOU HAVE ARRIVED @ YOUR DESTINATION! 
Welcome to Bangkok - hope your stay will be a most pleasant & memorable one!