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Airport Paphos Airport
Car Car essential

How to get there

Drive on the left.

If you use a GPS, put in Klimaka Street, Tsada

Leave airport parking area, and at the mini roundabout, turn left, go straight to the end of the road to the T junction.

Turn left. Continue about 1km til you see the sign for the Motorway: Paphos/Limassol saying to turn right. Turn right and go uphill. Continue till you see a bridge and sign to the left for Paphos. Turn left just before the bridge which is the slip road for the motorway.

Continue for about 5 minutes until you reach the yellow road humps indicating the approach to the roundabout.

At the roundabout take the second exit signposted Polis where there are traffic lights. Continue to the next set of traffic lights, continue to another roundabout with a fountain and take the first exit on the left signposted Polis and continue over another set of traffic lights and at the next lights at the main busy road, turn right onto the main Polis road.

On this road you will pass many large showrooms, and you will reach a set of crossroads, continue straight and continue up hill, passing Mesogi, Mesa Chorio, Tremithousa and Tala signs. You pass an orange petrol station called ‘Total Plus’. Continue uphill for another 2 km to the signpost indicating Tsada to the right; there is a bus stop on the right.

Turn right passing the kiosk on the left and follow the bendy road till you see a tavern and bus stop after it, on the right side, and slow down immediately and indicate right.

At the bend in the road, carefully turn right after the bus stop and follow the road down and to the right. It can be quite narrow if cars are parked there.

Follow the road round for about 500m till you see a group of buildings and a road with pavements.

Turn right and follow the road uphill till you see the parking area and park. You have arrived!

Upon arrival, stand in front of the house. It is 8a and signposted on left side of house. Look for a brown cupboard in the wall at the RIGHT side of the front door. Go to it, open it, and you will see a key safe. Code is 1952. Open it to get your house key :)

Open front door from outside:

- put in key

- turn to right while pulling long door handle towards you.

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