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How to get there

The most favoured route for people visiting Tuscany is to fly into one of it's airports Pisa, Bologna or Florence. We recommend that you consider using one of the no frills airlines from most European destinations, generally they are cheaper and they have an excellent hassle free online booking procedure accessible 24 hours a day 7days a week.

By road from Germany

From the South of Munich take A8

Then take A12 direction Innsbruck

Take A13 to Brenner

Pass Bolzano, Mantova, to Mòdena.

Take A1 motorway direction Bologna

Pass Bologna direction Firenza

Follow your local directions from here.

By road from England

From Calais, drive through France via Macon to the Frejus tunnel take the tunnel and continue on motorway to Turin (Torino).

From Turin, take motorway A21 through Alessandria to Piacenza. In Piacenza, take the A1 to Modena and then Florence (Firenze).

Follow your location directions from here.

Travel time from Calais to Florence is about 16 hours driving time.

To drive in Italy there are some important things to remember;

When driving in Italy you must always carry these documents:

Driving License

Car registration document/log book (this should be provided with hired all cars)

Car insurance (this should be provided with all hired cars)

Other Italian Laws

Autostrade Speed Limit 130 km - Motorways with green coloured signs - Toll roads

Super Strade Speed Limit varies/usually 90 km - dual carriageways with blue signs - Free

You must carry identification documents at all times (passport).

You must wear a luminous reflecting jacket if you get out of your car on all main roads, this should be provided if you hire a car.

You must have purchase receipt within 20 meters of purchase.

In vehicles, when you park you must turn the visible clock on the windshield to the time parked. If you do not you may receive a parking ticket.

Check List

Before setting out on your trip to Tuscany by car we suggest the following checklist.

1 Check insurance cover - make sure you know what to do in the event of an accident.

2 Breakdown insurance - check you are fully covered for breakdown insurance even if your car is new!

3 Remember to drive on the RIGHT - we suggest that you stick a note on your steering wheel to remind you to drive on the right, even the most experienced of drivers should do this!

4 Car Service - check that your car has been fully serviced including tyres and brakes one week before you travel.

5 There are main dealers for most of the major car companies here in Tuscany should problems arise while you are here; don't forget your dealers guide.

Italian Motorways

There are 24 hour Petrol Stations along the Motorways, you should try and fill up before leaving the motorway, fuel is sometimes difficult to find in the countryside and more expensive. Tolls can be paid for by Credit Card in Italy, this is often easier on long journeys.


An alternative way of travelling to and around Italy is by train. There are good international connections from mainland Europe to most of the major Italian cities, as well as an extensive network of local trains serving the smaller towns and villages.

Tickets are generally not too expensive, and you can use your Credit/Debit Cards for payment.

From wherever you are making your journey within Italy the has an excellent web site that allows you to search timetables (versions in English and German)