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Airport Fiumicino Airport
Ferry Civitavecchia 60.00 km
Train station San Pietro Station 300 m
Car Car not necessary

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The apartment is very well situated , very close to the Vatican and other famous sites. Fiumicino International Airport is 30 kilometres away, as is Rome 's other airport, Ciampino,. Both are well - connected, by limousine, by taxi, bus , or railway.

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DOMUS AUREA The ruins of Emperor Nero’s Legenday “Golden House” which in its day took up one-third of the city of Rome, were finally reopened to the public in 1999 after 25 years of restoration work. Alhough only 20 percent of the palace survives (and what’s left is completely underground), The Domus Aurea remains one of the most unique am impressive site in Rome. Nero may have been demented, but he sure knew about the good life! Via Labicana 136. COLOSSEUM The granddaddy of all Roman monuments, this arena known to the ancients as the “Flavian Amphitheater” hosted 450 years of gladiatorial contests and wild beast hunts ……..”games”, as they were called in antiquity. You can get a pretty sense of the Colosseum just by walking around th