Photo gallery

house front with fragrant herbs

enjoy breakfast in a sunny kitchen

romantic bedroom in quiet surrounding

enjoy wild horse fair Sartiglia begining of march

flowers abundance right up to the sea shore

10'min from home delicious lunch with a view

lounge on the sofabed in the kitchen

beach in a nature park reachable only on foot 20'min drive

enjoy the freshness of a mountain waterfall

cycling along the costal path

quarry transformed into a music event space

perfect oven for making pizza and bread

roman thermal baths 30'min away

Tharros, old town with roman road and columns on the far right

spectacular encounter of river and sea

fishing in a stormy sunset

birdwatching in the nearby river and pond

majestic stone tower over 3000 years old

10 min drive salt lake with up to 800 flamingoes till July

a way to love the wind

visit Saint Giovanni ancient church

the perfect place to sunbath 10 min from home

Dancing and singing in Oristano

rent a boat and reach Malu entu island