Photo gallery

Front Terrace View

Jacuzzi: 5person 2lounger on side terrace

View when sitting in Jacuzzi views over the peaks

Front Terrace View

View from Terrace Marco Pisanna Peaks sunset

Sitting & Dinning Room

Open fire


Dining area

Master bedroom

2nd bedroom

Jacuzzi on side terrace

View from Kitchen door

Rear of house

Jacuzzi: 5person 2lounger with powerful 70 jets "Neck & Feet" Hydrotherapy Message

Romantic jacuzzi at night time, with lanterns and pealights

Pealight over the Jacuzzi

The house



Fivizzano Piazzas 10mins from house

Cinque Terra (5 Towns) This is one towns Vernazza

Peaks view from house

Swim in the Equi Terme - Natural Waters