Photo gallery

Welcome to Marbella's Old Town - we live on the right side of the church that you can see in th

The oldest church in Marbella is just outside our home - our apartment is in the white building on t

From the front door to sand between your toes, there's just 7 minutes walk!

Our amazing roof terrace on a sunny december morning..... imagine that!

We planted yasmin flowers that in a few months time should cover the entire wall (we hope!)

Here the shade awning is pulled up, but you can easily pull it out if the sun gets to hard.

The Living Room, with soft pillows and a happy blanket and wicked WiFi!

There's plenty of DVD's in the cupboard below the TV, which is connected to a DVD player.

The dining area with a picture os an abandoned hut in Calahonda.

Our much loved Orange Tree - which have lost all the Oranges...!

The kitchen - which we call The Box as it has the exact same shape as a squared box!

Here is both a washing machine, microwave, oven, ceramic hobs and dishwasher

There are windows in both bathroom, so it's easy to get moist out after a shower

One of our two bathrooms

Both bathrooms have environmental toilets

One of the bathrooms with an umbrella shower curtain

The Master Bedroom, with newly ironed bedsheets and peak to the old narrow streets below.

A peak out the window, where you can see the neighbor's bedroom window. That's how narrow

The hallway seen from the master bedroom

Peak from the last bedroom towards the hallway and one of the bathrooms

Second Guestroom - also with WiFi (of course!) bamboo night stand, a fan and plenty of light

The Butterfly Guestroom also have a bamboo night stand and plenty of light, electricity hobs for cha

Hola and Welcome!

Floorplan of the apartment