Photo gallery

View From The Appartment Balcony

View Through The Living Room Towards The Anteroom (with fold-in bed area) & Front Door

View Along Lake Como

Living room

View Across Lake Como

Stairs to second bedroom & bathroom area

View across Lake Como

Kitchen area

The Local Lake Como Ferry Stop (Inactive at present)

Lower floor bedroom 1/fold-in bed area - view looking to living room


Lower floor bedroom 1/Fold-in bed area - (view looking to door entrance)

A Lake Como Ferry Stop

One of the Bathroom areas

Bellagio - Lake Como Ferry Stop

One of the Toilet areas

A Lake Como Ferry Stop

A Lake Como Ferry Stop

Top floor Master bedroom 2 - With 2 single beds

Top floor bathroom area

Top floor bedroom 3/Fold-in bed area

Lower floor bathroom area

Appartment - Secure Garage Space

Aquaseria - Appartment Location