Photo gallery

Lilla bedroom, sleeps up to 3 people - 25 square metres, is that enough?

XIX Century Farmhouse

Fairy house? Kids are welcome

A chair, a book, music and fireplace

Azzurra bedroom - 19 square metres

A detached veranda for dining outdoor

The east side of the garden

A private cook can come and cook for you all the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine

A coast to discover

Flowers in April

A beach with a book

Capo Tesa a must-visit for trekking and snorkeling

In the garden there are a lot of places where to relax

Bahama-blue coast - 14 km

Animals will protect you while sleeping

Rock to climb - Ideal for kids and parents

The entrance of the property

Emerald sea - 20 km

A room with a view!

Flowers in August

The whole garden - and no neighbors!

3 thousand-year-old Olive tree - the oldest in Europe

Kids are welcome!

No fishing in the Natural Park of La Maddalena