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Room with bathroom and airco

al conte cavour - follow us also on instagram

Bed and breakfast, on the island of the island. Nature, culture and sport. visit the illustrat

caffe, cappuccino, te ?

Veranda where you can have breakfast like nearly 9 months a year

Veranda of the bedandbreakfast! is lovely to stay outside now

Winter tree at al Conte Cavour

sea here nearby sant'antioco

Breakfast in veranda

flowers in our veranda

I love flowers

laguna of sant'antioco

laguna of sant'antioco

laguna of sant'antioco

Sant'Antioco by the itso!

our main door, is blu I love blu! and somehow I wanted to relate to the tardis :D

entrance of the room in the bed and breakfast


laguna of sant'antioco

we of the bed and breakfast at a karaoke evening

laguna of sant'antioco

bathroom ensuite of the room

small library and open closet

shower of the bathroom