Photo gallery

Studio interiors. You can see a sofa, small dining table and window. On the left the kitchens door

Double bed, small desk and wardrobe | Studio interior seen towards the door.

Interior view of the Studio. The window faces the street. It is bright and airy.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Schematic illustration | Studio lay-out. Some walls are shown at half height to better comprehe

Building entrance and gate

The building gate. Going down the street you get to Copacabana beach, going up Ipanema District

The street seen from the window.

The street and surround area. Going down the street you get to Copacabana beach

Getting to Copacabana beach | Francisco Sá Street at the corner with Atlantica Avenue

Surrounding area | Copacabana beach is a stone´s throw away from the Studio

Surrounding area | Atlantica Av and the seaside is too close to the Studio´s building