Photo gallery

Welcome to the Lake House! Located right in the middle of the Botanical Gardens of Finca El Zapote

Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the gardens and one of the lakes!

Enough space for resting after touring the 25 acres of Botanical Gardens

The master room - great view of the lake and sunrise from your bed

Room 2. All rooms have view to the gardens!

Room 3.

The dining room has a great view of the Volcán de Fuego

Fully equipped kitchen

and this is why you must stay overnight at Finca El Zapote!

Come and explore the 25 acres of tropical Botanical Gardens,

This will be your swimming pool! Completely natural, unfiltered water (it springs 50m upriver)

Theres a tarzan rope, trampoline and surf board in the swimming pool to make it fun!

This guy lives around the lake in front of the Lake House

Beautiful landscapes at Finca El Zapote. The result of 55 years of growth!

Tamborillo tree towering above the swimming pool area