Photo gallery


Relax by the pool..

L'Ecurie Living room

L'Ecurie hallway..

L'Ecurie Bedroom..

One of the views from L'Ecurie!

A summers evening at Longeveau..

One of the play areas at Longeveau.

Little children's swimming pool..

A game of bowles..

A game of tennis..

Longeveau transport!

The Pigeonnier tower..

A selection of other stone cottages and villas are also available at Le Manoir de Longeveau..

Welcome to Longeveau!

A stormy day on the Longeveau golf course!

Wedding guests, great and small!

Le Manoir after a wedding..

Our local village, Aubeterre..

Children's play area at Lake Jamaye..

One of our local river beeches at St. Aulaye..