Photo gallery

Cosy corner.

All you need... A gas stove, kattle, fridge and utensils.

Dining area.

More of the cosy corner.

Wild nature by the door step.

There it is!

The main bedroom. Good beds and clean air gives a good night sleep.

A peaceful and cozy place.

The kitchen - the worlds best water running and view which gives the cook a peace of mind

Waterfalls in the cosy corner.

Looking out.

The front door and the livingroom. The new couch is waiting.

Our cottage. The elves live in the lava at the back.

At the back in February - Sóltún our gingerbread cottage.

The sign ! By the road.

Gullfoss - Europas largest waterfall. Promise you will feel small. 40 from the cottage.

One of Icelands best salmon rivers Sog. 5 min. away from the cottage.

The famous Eyjafjallajökull erupting. In the neighbourhood, but no danger.

The Blue lagoon. About 80 km. away. You drive along the coast v. Grindavik to the Reykjanes penisula

Borg, the great pool ca.12-15 min. drive from the cottage. Open from daily 10-22, weekends 10-19.

Stokkur, Geysir´s little brother. Dont miss those guys - only 40 min. away from our cottage.

Try this. It´s fun even though it rains!