Photo gallery

Air-conditioned dining room and living room with 2 sofa beds - all brand new stuff!

Fully equipped kitchen - basic foods and drinks provided on your arrival for an easy accomodation

Master bedroom with air condioning+ceiling fan+private balcony for intimate breakfast or dinner...

Master bedroom's wardrobe opposite the queen sized bed-again, all new furniture all around the

Kitchen to main balcony - enjoy your meals outdoors! Table, 5 chairs, beach umbrella and sofa ready.

Hall and entrance door - after reserved main entrance door and building door (for added privacy)

Beach view from our HUGE 6th floor terrace - sunbathe in a private setting equipped with sunchairs

2nd bedroom with bunk bed, wardrobe and desk - featuring a laptop with free Wi-Fi unlimited access

View of surrounding southwestern area from our 6th floor terrace - similar view from master bedroom

Another view of ... 'our' beach! :-) Try a swim at night in the immaculate blue warm sea w

Just across the street from 'home' - signpost showing entrance to FREE beach.

View of neighbourhood from our 6th floor terrace.

Peeping through living area's transparent curtains into the first balcony ... trasparent sea ah

Another view of living room. Home full of daylight and fresh air ... not only conditioned, that is!