Photo gallery

Studio Apartment 8 - Roof top terrace terrace on the third floor - the very best view.

Straightforward inside dining area

Double bed in the central area across from the dining area, also there is a folding sofa single

Studio apartment 8 seen from behind the village looking south to the Spanish border

Outside dining on the terrace beneath the parasol. The terrace BBQ in the lower centre of this image

Looking down from the terrace the private garden available to house guests.

Apartment 8 water closet

Just one of the many restaurants to choose from in Prats de Mollo

Cooking 'alfresco' outside Henri's restaurant - Le Costabonne - Prats de Mollo

Evening sky, that needs to be seen.

Fetes de l'Ours - day 2 Carnival - each February, spring in the air - Prats de Mollo

Dancing the Catalan Sardana in the cenral square, Prats de Mollo 66230

The central square of Prats de Mollo. 34 rue du Faubourg enters from the centre of this photograph.

This bear means it! Fetes de l'Ours - Prats de Mollo

Looking to the mountains outside the village

Up on the ridge above Prats de Mollo and the Reserve Naturelle

Falgos for golfers on the border. All your clubs will be needed here?

Falgos indoor swimming after a round of golf perhaps or just relax here before a meal.

One mile before arriving at the French / Spanish border above the village, just stunning.

A moment high on the ridge, mountain sheep, the route to Spain

Fresh water swimming at Panta de Boadella just into Spain, growing popularity because its calm.

Panta de Boadella for fresh water swimming and water sports, a 40 minute drive and worth it.

Every October crowds await the arrival of hundreds of mountain horses for the winter.

A spectacle every year, worth the wait - the first village into Spain, Espinavell