Photo gallery

The Apartment: Salon leading onto your balcony

The Apartment: View from your Balcony - Fabulous

Your Balcony and Views

The Apartment: Salon lounging - another space for relaxing

The Apartment: Bedroom 1 View 1.

The Apartment: Bedroom 1 with tapestry of Carcassonne, View 2

The Apartment: Bedroom 2. Through the window you can see cherry trees.

The Apartment: Bedroom 2 another view

The Apartment: Kitchen and Dining room.


View from the bathroom window

A view of the garden from your balcony

Another space in your salon

Driving through the mountain clouds enroute to Andorra

A place to visit

Nearby thermal waters

To the Gorges

Cats too - love Quillan

Rennes le Chateau

Shady street

Summer time

Quillan street

View from the garden gate 1

View from the garden gate 1

Quillan Night Market