Photo gallery

Bright livingroom

Bright bedroom

Comfortable bed

Extensible sofa

Large wardrobe

Watch TV from sofa or from bed

Bright kitchen

Glass dining table

Cozy enviroment

Three balconies and a window all to square

Complet bathroom with shower

a balcony

Roof terrace

Roof terrace

Roof terrace

Apartament floorplan

Sta Catalina church and the building

The building viewed from Del Trench street

Building viewed from Lope de Vega square

Entrance to the building and arc entrance to Plaza Redonda

Plaza Redonda

Sta Catalina Tower

Ayuntamiento square


De la Reina square

De la Virgen square

Serranos Towers

De la Reina square

Miguelete tower and Cathedral south door

Cathedral west door and Miguelete tower

Cathedral dome

Marques de Dos Aguas Palace main door


Colon Market

La Lonja de la Seda

La Lonja de la Seda indoor

Del Norte station

Central Market

Central Market dome

Central Market

Del Turia garden (old river bed)