Photo gallery

Back of Mill House with river running by it's side.

The Breakfast Balcony for Mill House. Sit and enjoy breakfast/lunch with the sun on you.

Mill Wheel turning water cooling you as you sit quietly opposite. The sound of the water revives you

Looking up the river, where you can lay, sit and enjoy peace. Also where you will find the Carp

Original Mill grindings. This is where Walnuts were ground.

Shaded seat looking at Mill Wheel.Also able to see small pond at the front of the house.

Front gates leading into Mill House will park six cars easily.

Steps leading from river to the Mill House.

This is the splash pool. not a good picture as I had to take picture of a picture only available.

Winter reading in the main house, music, quiet and reading is everthing this room brings.

Second bedroom along, this room has an mesanine which could hold a flat bed or be a play area.

Minstrel gallery above winter reading room ps2 consil for the younger or older persons.

This is part of the Kitchen area, you can easily sit 6/12.. Even put tables outside and evening meal

At the end of the day sit back with friends over wine, or just sit and relax the day away.

This is the bottom part of the main bedroom. The balcony to this room over looks the river.

A beautifully large bedroom where if you wish to sit on the balcony and paint or draw the view.

This is bedroom 3 king size bed,large glass wardrobes

Bedroom 1, this bedroom leads to the minstrel gallery where games,books and jigsaws are available.

The main sitting room has not only t.v. but paint, sketching, embroidery and knitting equipment .

In the summer there are four beautiful steps leading down to the natural splash pool.