Photo gallery

The Cottage & Fuschia Hedge

2. Gable Entrance to Apartment

3. Sofa, Coffee-table

4. Dining Table, TV

6. Bedroom1

7. Bedroom 2

8. Bedroom 2

9. Books, DVDs, Patio furniture

10. Instant Electric Shower, Hairdrier

13. Hilltop View of Harbour

14. Boats in the Harbour

15. Glistening Sea

16. St Coleman's Abbey

17. East End Pier

18. East Village

19. Ancient Archaeological sites

The local Ceili Band

Concert at the Dolphin Hotel near the cottage

The ancient Abbey of Saint Coleman

Ferry passes Cromwell's Fort

The Castle at Harbour Entrance

BBQ area of Unit 1

Panoramic view from hill behind house

Next field with calves