Photo gallery

In the pool - delicious, cool and relaxing

Lovely lawn for your bare feet

Beatutiful Tuscan fragrances abound

Room to move - plenty of space for all the family and friends

BBQ time - easy outdoor living

fresh fruit in the orchard

Sit in the sun and enjoy the vista.

A home that is nestled into the hill - tranquility with wide expansive views.

Lounging about - a sofa big enough for everyone.

inspirational kitchen complete with cook books, utensils and Villa Rosa Olive Oil.

A comfortable double bed with views to die for.

twin or king size - take your pick - bliss in a bed.

Al Fresco dining - eating outdoors has never been so good.

A sweet break for any time of the day

The old and the new with large outdoor al-fresco living.

Pool, Lounger, Olive Tree = Tuscan summer time

Patio, Lawn, Pool = Tuscan relaxation

Nestled into the side of the hill - privacy and space

Spring is a time of riotous colour and a profusion of growth

Home sweet Home