Photo gallery

The Grand Pool Area overlooking dozens of islands including Mustique and Grenada

The beautiful historic estate. One can see the Little Tower and part of the outside sitting area.

The Outside Sitting area, ideal for relaxing with its fresh breeze and amazing views

A part of the large Dining Room from the inside lounge and bar

One of the gorgeous pebbled bathrooms all custom-made

The Honey Room a favorite for many romantic couples

The Planters Room with wooden floors, the only room partly standing when the property was renovated

A view overlooking the outside sitting area surrounded by lush gardens and indigenous vegetation

Princess Margaret arguable the best beach on the island only a few minutes away

An ideal angle showing the Grand Pool with the waterfall and kids pool / jacuzzi below

A peek through at Petit Nevis from the cute little window in the Honey Room

The Sitting Area in the Honey Room

A small part of the evening view from the property including numerous of our suites.

The king-sized bed in the Fantasy Master from the ensuite library

The Balcony of the Master Suite, facing Mustique and numerous Grenadine Islands

The Library within the Master Suite located conveniently above the dining room

The waterfall from the main pool dropping into the beautiful pebbled kids pool

A wide angle view overlooking the Historic Plantation building and the Main Tower

A great angle showing the magnificent Grand Pool and custom made Pebbled Pool with grotto

A small part of the property grand gardens overlooking the ancient Sugar Mill

One of the guests enjoying lounging at the pool!

Take a day trip to numerous islands on the Friendship Rose

The Estate stretching over several hillsides all the way to the sea

Chill out on Lowerbay, one of the nicest beaches with several nice bars and restuarants