Photo gallery

A warm welcome awaits you!

Summer, here we come!

seat for the sous chef in the kitchen!

the well stocked kitchen - foodies welcome!

comfortable and spacious sittingroom

....and the perfect end to the day!

garden at the rear of the house

The market at Sancoins

the twin cherrywood sleigh beds

the heart of the house - the dining table!

the garden is well stocked with scents!

the roaring wood stove - so cosy!

a view of the cottage from the garden

spoilt for choice!

Main Square, Sancerre

Our friend Martine produces lovely cheese!

Our favourite cheese man at Sancoins market

village lane from the cottage

back garden - privacy and fruit trees

Relaxing in the garden, in complete privacy, in the evening sun.

Our hoopoe in the garden searching for worms!