Photo gallery

Front view of Tumu Lodge

Side view of Tumu Lodge

View of the back entrance to the apartment, with the back garden around.

One of the many breathtaking views from our terraces, admire while you relax and sip a drink!

The inner courtyard garden full of coconut trees. This can be seen from the whole flat.

The terrace at the front of the house. Breathtaking views over Accra.

One of the numerous Papaye trees that cover our garden...lovely fresh for breakfast!

Front garden and entrance to Tumu Lodge, with the breathtaking mountain scenery in the background

View from our small private terrace that adjoins the first bedroom

One of our numerous papaye trees that dot the garden, you can pick one every morning for breakfast.

The pool at the hotel next to the lodge. Just 3 minutes walk

Drinks on our beautiful terrace.