Photo gallery

'da nonna', part of the 'casetta degli angeli'(angels'house)

big pond near the house of angels, where fishes are swimming sluggishly, frogs croaking and men?

fox near the main house in March

wisteria in blossom

beauty of flowers in early summer, an excellent spot for daydreaming, reading, yoga excercises...

pheasant knocking on heavens door in early spring

orvieto with African beauty in front, seen from the 'upper garden'

da nonna, part of la casetta degli angeli

da nonna's living room

guardien angel

swing, rope and high bar, children's joy

da nonna from the south side, trees around give protection for the hot sun in summer

view on orvieto's famous duomo

view from alsettimocielo on a slightly foggy morning

a foggy morning in april

small pond with abundance of lavender

la rocca di Ficulle

mother earth in La Scarzuola

parco delle sculture di daniel spoerri

orvieto's folk festival, each year in august

Italians are very good in organizing big meals, during the folkfestival about 2600 persons

corpus domini in orvieto, corteo storico, a splendid, impressive procession, second weekend of June

Orvieto, il duomo famoso. Sculptures on the facade taught people how to live

small pond with nymphea

this is not the ocean west from ireland, it is the valley on a foggy morning

sunset in november

la casetta degli angeli (angel's house) in wintertime

spring view from the upper garden

orvieto poking out of the clouds

piazetta: wisteria blossoming over your head

big pond in december