Photo gallery

casetta degli angeli (angels' house) with 'vista sul mare'

large pond, where you can sit, read, do excercises like yoga etc.

living room with cosy wood-burning stove in vistasulmare

a flower garden

swing, rope ladder and high bar

livingroom and kitchen vista sul mare

bedroom 1

abundance of lavender at a small pond

view from the livingroom at the functional well-equipped kitchen

spring view

morning fog in april

relaxing view in te upper garden

guardien angel

view from the swing on the casetta degli angeli

view from bedroom 1 over the mezzanino

cooking class in cave made by the Etruscans, in which a communal kitchen is made

view with sculpture

small pond with nymphea

spring view over the valley

kitchen vista sul mare

garden near the large pond

this is not the ocean west from ireland, this is the valley on a foggy morning in november

view on orvieto's duomo

view on the casetta degli angeli (house of angels), of which vista sul mare is part

sunset in november

big pond in december