Photo gallery

River around castle complex

Airview of the castle of Strassoldo with description

Entrance arch on other side of castle complex

Castle's main building

Entrance to Casa Rambaldo

Casa Rambaldo on garden side

Casa Rambaldo on garden side

Casa Rambaldo, view from bedroom towards garden

Orangérie, view from Casa Rambaldo

Casa Rambaldo c/o castle of Strassoldo

Casa Rambaldo. In front: kitchen-dining area. Behind: sitting area & staircase to loft with bed

Casa Rambaldo. View from sitting area: in front: kitchen-dining area. At the end: bedroom

Casa Rambaldo, view from stairs to loft

Casa Rambaldo's staircase

Double bed on loft on top of sitting area

Casa Rambaldo, bathroom with big shower with green-blue mosaic

Bathroom shower enclosure

Door to bedroom



The nearby beaches of Grado (20 minutes from Strassoldo)

Udine the main town of Friuli (20 minutes from Strassoldo)