Photo gallery

Welcoming reception area at Ebenezer Mansions.

Kitchen viewed from Dining room, the coffee machine awaits.

Part of the games room, where children +, of all ages will be entertained.

The long 30m corridor in Hidden Gem reception.

One of the double bedrooms, awaits relaxed guests for sleep.

Dining room viewed from the relaxation/ Living room.

Veranda out back for bar-b-q, by safe, secure playing area.

Reception area greets guests at Ebenezer Mansions.

Another double bed with excellent views.

Brown trout swim in the stream behind Hidden Gem.

Table tennis table + washing machine + tumble drier.

View of Aumale walking from back gate alongside the river.

Spacious parking bays + picnic tables to sit outside, + relax listening to nature.

View of the excellently equipped main kitchen from the Dinner table.

Beautful waterfall behind Hidden Gem.

Ebenezer Mansions welcomes it's guests.

Living room looking through to the Kitchen area.

Kitchen area in Hidden Gem, compact + modern facilities.

Dining area in Hidden Gem

Bathroom, beautifully tiled, bath + shower.

Behind Hidden Gem lovely waterfall, whichever part of the year.

View down the country lane, where the cattle have just run through.

Different season, lovely waterfall behind Hidden Gem Bedroom.

The local farmer taking cow's off to the dairy!