Photo gallery

Fancy waking up to this view.

Side view, kitchen and family bedroom

Modern dining table and well equipped kitchen

Lounge with sea view

1st Master bedroom with full sea view

2nd Master Suite with side sea view.

Family twin with sea view

Sunrise to sunset for this room.

Things to do, play station and books.

Twin room looking onto the hills at the rear of the house.

Opens onto the terrace for a breathtaking awakening

Barbecue area with dining and kitchen

Evening comes to the Master Suite patio

The end of a beautiful day on our Terrace.

Our local beach just three minutes away.

View of Bosa from the inlet.

Neptunes grotto at Capo Caccia, boat trip from Alghero

Stintino small fishing village on the north coast about an hour away

Privacy and security in your beautiful villa

Lounge area with books and dvd's. Information books on our island

Thought they were here to help! Down on our nearest beach playing.

That's more like it, Dad needs help with the painting!

Casa Bianca

If you just want to be away from 'them' all for 5 mins, this is the terrace bedroom with s