Photo gallery

View of lounge onto balcony and sea

The Azure blue sea from our balcony

View from swim cove - Apt opposite flag

Lounge View

view of lounge from balcony

Main Bathroom

Front bedroom onto balcony and sea

Elsa Plage leisure swimming & restaurant

Downtown Menton with signpost to adventure

Our Galley kitchen

Entry to Le Pamela at back

Fishing all day-view from the balcony

Sailing towards the Italian side

Fishing from our beach

Menton - from casino and view of mountains

View to Monte Carlo, Menton

The IItalian Quarter

The Casino, Monte Carlo - 10 minutes by Bus

Fine Dining in Menton

Sunset from our balcony

Small en suite back bedroom

View of French area from balcony

View from balcony to Italy

Sandy beach a short walk away on Italian side