Photo gallery

The Stables - carefully preserved in its previous 'look'

The wooden window bars remain as they were - with a stained window now inside

The lounge, with its reclaimed brick floor and high ceiling

The TV and attached DVD and tape player and portable gas heater on winter evenings

The round window plays light onto the opposite wall in summer afternoons

The hay loft remains and now with stairs for housekeeping use - Not for guests!

Good cooking facilities in this compact kitchen

Large frig/freezer and wash/drier make for comfortable longer stays

A large shower, heated floor and towel rail make washing a pleasure

Looking from the bedroom to the lounge with the shower room and kitchen between

And the king size bed makes for a comfortable sleep

Wake up with the light behind you and a window to the paddock

The quaint dressing table allows for easy make-up application

No room for an extra bed here but an inflatable bed makes the lounge an extra bedroom

The paddock with its fruit trees, surrounded by a conifer hedge

Your covered space houses a washing line and lots of space for you and your guests

and a finishing touch applied by one of our guests

From the drive, the main stable and pitching eye-now the lounge with its round window