Photo gallery

main cottage of the late seventeenth century

'casa Padronale' - the typical bedroom

original prehistoric Menhirs in the garden

pool and pinewood

pool and the grounds

smaller pool for babies

'casa Padronale' - living room and fireplace

'casa Padronale' - living room with the big table

'casa Padronale' - kitchen


'casa Padronale' - patio and garden

'Dolmen' - entrance, terrace and arched windows

'Dolmen' - living room and kitchenette

Dolme Living room

pool and solarium with a 'guest'

'Dolmen' and the garden in the evening

'Dolmen' - first bedroom

'Dolmen' - second bedroom

Dolmen's bathroom


Majella mountain

view from the pool

Solarium in the garden

panoramic photo