Photo gallery

House1: View

House1: Exterior

House2: Exterior

House3: Exterior

Pond and Villa Exterior

Pool and Villa

Villa Exterior at Night

Villa Exterior by Day

Villa from Beach


House3: Pool View

Lily Pond

Pool Side

Terrace and View

House1: Living at Sunrise

House1: Living Room and Views

House1: View from Dining

House2: Dining

House2: Living Room

House3: Dining

House3: Living and Seaview

House3: Living Room

House3: Living Room and Bar

House1: Kitchen

House3: Kitchen

House1: Master Bedroom

House1: Bedroom 2

House1: Bathroom (Bedroom 2)

House2: Master Bedroom

House2: Lounge (Master Suite)

House2: Bath (Master Suite)

House2: Bedroom 2

House2: Bedroom 3

House3: Master Bedroom

House3: Study (Master Suite)

House3: Coffee Table (Master Suite)

House3: Bedroom 2

House3: Bath (Bedroom 2)