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Main House

Pool and Living Hall

Villa at Night

Villa by Day

Villa Exterior by Day

Afternoon Lounge


Bedrooms 4 and 5 Exterior

Lily Pond and Waterfall

Main Entrance

Outdoor Bale

Pool and Bale

Pool and Ricefield View

Pool Bale and Master Exterior

Pool Chairs

Trimmed Gardens

Walkway to Sitting Area

Water Feature

Breakfast Setup

Dining Table

Interior and Pool View

Main Living and Bale

Main Living Room at Night

Twin Chairs

Villa Interiors


Entertainment Room

TV Room

Bedroom 1 - Master

Master Bedroom Balcony

Bedroom 1 - View

Bedroom 1 - Bathroom

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 - Bath

Bedroom 3 - View

Bedroom 3 - Bath

Bedroom 4 - Lower Suite

Bedroom 4 - View

Bedroom 5 - Upper Suite

Bedroom 5 and Balcony

Bedroom 5 - Bath

Bedroom 6 - Kids or Nannies Room

Bedroom 6 - Bathroom

Outdoor Shower