Photo gallery

Snuggledown - Our top quality Mongolian yurt

In the best secluded and private location on site

The hand painted front door of the yurt

Wood burning stove and king size bed

The yurt always gets a 'Wow' when guests enter

The guest kitchen, available for use by the guests in the yurt.

The private bathroom for the yurt.

The private bathroom for the yurt.

The conservatory/breakfast room available for use by guests.

The old beech tree down in the valley

Fancy collecting the chicken eggs?

A shot showing the fire pit / BBQ / campfire

Lots of fun

Our kids

Guests enjoying the boating in Jemima our rowing boat

Eggs are free at Puddleduck Valley

The curious cows next say hello

Star, one of the youngest of our kids born this year

Lots and lots of chicks for children to pet and learn about

A map of our site

Walking through our woods in the valley

Dunsland Park National Trust next door

Cookworthy Woods - Great for family cycling