Photo gallery

Villa Palma

Lounge Area

Pool Area

Pool with Inlet Seating

Pool Area

Entrance to Villa Palma

Pool Area

Front of the Villa

Dining Area

Master Bedroom

Family Room

Stone Table and Chairs

Steps to Roof Terrace

View from Roof Terrace

Oranges in the Garden

Drive from Road Leading to the Villa

Area For Relaxing

Main Gates and Entrance to Villa Palma

View from Roof Terrace

Torre Santa Sabina

View from Master Bedroom

Table under Vine

Separate annexe

En-suite in fourth bedroom (separate annexe)

Pool Side

Fourth Bedroom ( separate annexe with en-suite)

Pool side

Separate annexe in the evening

Marble table in annexe

Separate annexe

Sepatate annexe

Pool side shot in the evening

Annexe in the evening

Pool side in the evening