Photo gallery

View when dining al fresco! Open countryside with mountains in background.

Relax on the balcony for pre dinner drinks...

Relax by gated pool and take in the mountains and the sunshine.

Lara and Matilde - these are the two houses included in the price - full privacy!

Matilde - two houses on site - privacy between 2 families but plenty of space to be together!

Lara Balcony and view

Lara set in extensive grounds - pure peace!

Pool and view - just relax!

Lara kitchen

Lara living/kitchen/dining

Matilde living/dining

Matilde double bedroom

Lara single bedroom

Matilde single bedroom - room with a view!

Lara double bedroom

One of the shower rooms

Stunning views to be seen from Sassi

Pania della Croce - part of the Apuane Alps

Medieval aquaduct at Gallicano

Hill top town of Barga

Market town of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

The fortress of Mont Alfonso at Castelnuovo

Enjoy the many local festas held during the summer season

Visit the Wind Caves - La Grotta del Vento

Visit the beautiful walled city of Lucca