Photo gallery

Magical ambiance near the swimming pool

The swimming-pool: 12 x 6 meters, and the pool-house

Overview of the Villa, large porch in the right side.

"Villa Les Félins" swimming-pool: 12 x 6 m

Swimming-pool 12 x 6 meters and pool-house


Part of the pool-house

The swimming pool at night

Detail of the swimming pool area

Moroccan lounge

Exotic lounge

Detail of the spacious modern kitchen

Elegant French style lounge.

Elegant French style lounge.

Breakfast terrace with views of the garden (table for 10 people).

En-Suite President: double extra large bed (2 x 2 ),big bathroom, gym, big dressing room..

Bathroom master suite with views of the garden

Bedroom -larges singles beds (views of the garden )

Double large bed (180 cm) , view of the garden.

En-suite double extra large bed ( 2x2m ), view of the garden.

2m x 1m beds, view to the garden

Villa Les Félins path: Entrance to the residence

Main entrance to the Villa

Barcelona beaches