Photo gallery

Villa with two identical, but mirrored bedrooms, bathrooms, one kitchen and a cosy veranda

Garden with private swimming pool

Kitchen with kitchentable seen from the garden

Looking into the the kitchen through the counter made of solid wood and antique wood carvings

The ramp down from the veranda to the pool allows easy access into the house with wheelchair

A fountain in one end of the pool makes a pleasant sound of running water

Orchids growing in the garden

Stone covered footpath from the gate is wide enough to support a wheelchair

Sunbed on the veranda with view to the garden and the pool

Looking out to the garden from the open bedroom door

Northern bedroom wardrobe

The northern of the two identical but mirrored bathrooms, with shower

The shower floor in the southern bathroom is in level to make easy to use a wheelchair

The parking for cars and motor bikes outside. Quality in every detail

Floorplan and size of the rooms in the villa

Important measurements for a wheelchair user

Detail from my favorite eatery

The tropical and green neighborhood

The path to a nearby rice field, excellent for jogging and sunset evening walks

The area is full of large palms and tall green trees

Nearby rice field

Sunset sky over the rice fields