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Tastefully appointed and fully equipped petit studio. Terrasse Privee ensuite bathrooFrench/Engish T

Studio bath/shower room, shelving, towel rail, bath mats

pool and outside seating/loungers/dining table, access to studio here too.

indoor heated pool, located in old "tabac" drying barn, sides open and close. Pool open Ju

Areal shot of Chateau de Losse directly opposite your Hamlet/Les Bories. Chateau open to the public.

Wednesday local/Sarlat food market. Fabulous town to explore, dine, shop.

local food market. Delicious seasonal choices to bring "home" for lunch/dinner.

our local town of Montignac, restaurants, cafes, shops, markets, bakers, butcher, music festivals

Hello there, my name is coco. I am sure you will enjoy you holiday....I love it here...

Entrance to heated pool, seating dining / lounging, dancing area outside

Residential part of Montignac sur Vezere makes for a delightful walk

Views over Montignac, private Chateau to the left

Roque Saint Christophe Troglodyte village. 10 mins drive away. Next to Saint Leone, taken February

Your local town of Montignac 4.5k away. Has everything ...gorgeous little town.

Stop for a coffee or verre after lunch/dinner in Saint Leone, 10 mins from Les Rosiers

Everything stops for lunch in Perigord, this is your local auberge 4 mins drive. Res' needed

View over the Dordogne from The delightful Bastide town of Domme, with cafes restaurants shopping

Private chateau in Saint Leone sur Vezere, that you pass on the river walk after lunch/dinner

Shopping in Sarlat 25 mins drive

Friends and guests having "after a long local Sunday lunch"... drinks in the garden.

Wednesday food shopping in Sarlat and Montignac

Guetsts enjoying the heated pool

Guests and host in heated swimming pool..

Studio with ensuitebath/shower room.

Guests from studio and apartment enjoying "aperos", poolside at les Rosiers

Studio 1 room + bath/shower room

Studio leading to bath/shower room

Shared poolside seating/aperos/dining...heated pool is located inside barn..

View of studio from private entrance

Studio private terrace

Guests poolside...

Private staircase to studio and studio terrasse

Canoeing down the dordogne river at Baynac, 40 min drive

The banks if the Vezere ruber, canoeing, kayaking chateau de losse, all 300 metres from les Rosiers

Your neighbourhood, local walks

Les Rosiers entrance to studio and apartment. Parking behind wood shed and pool barn

A day in Bordeaux, 1:45 min drube away by autoroute A89

Take a flat bottomed boat, Gabare, at Rogue Gageac to Beynac

Sunset at les Rosiers

Loval town of Montignac, 4k drive

Troglodyte village in roque St Christophe 10 min drive

Roque St Christophe 10 min drive away

Local auberge confit de canard ....yummy

Loval beautiful town of Montignac with shops, restaurants weekly wednesday and saturday market

Montignac in November

Your neigbourhood

Walking along the Vezere river in Montignac, november

Your neigbourhood walks

Roque st christophe, troglodyte village, 10 min drive

Chateau de losse on the banks of the Vezere ruver all just 300 metre walk from Les Rosiers

Teh beautiful village of Saint Leon 5 min drive from Les Rosiers, restaurants Chateaux, canoeing

Local Aunerge/family run restaurant, localy sourced food and wine, delicious

Ensuite bathroom with bath and shower in the bath.

Studio with ensuite and dining area, kitchenette

Studio entrance onto private terrace, open dining sleeping seperate ensuite

Overview of studio from entrance/kitchenette area

Buildings in Montignac yoir liocal town 5 mins drive away, restaurants market, shops, cinema, lovely

Walking aroun your neighbourhood

Local morning walks around the "farm"

Trip in a "Gabare" down the dordogne, frim RoqueGageac to Beynac..40 mins away

Entrance by staircase to studio and private terrace

Studio staircase and terrace