Photo gallery

Croft House Barn in bloom!

Step back in time at Croft House Barn!

Snowy Croft House Barn

Croft House Barn from Waterfall Village Pump and Green

Al fresco eating area at Croft House Barn

Croft House Barn double bedroom - so much more than the bear necessities!

Cosy sitting-room of Croft House Barn, Waterfall

Superking (or can be twin-bedded) downstairs in Croft House

High ceilinged, light oak Croft House kitchen, seen from the first floor landing

Towards Back o' th' Brook and Waterfall Low, from Waterfall

Thor's Cave in the Manifold Valley - one of many walks from Croft House Barn.

From The Roaches, the craggiest of 'Staffordshire's Alps' (or the S.W. Peak District)

Friendly Croft House Barn neighbours in Waterfall

Wintery Waterfall and the Red Lion from Croft House Farm garden

Hen Cloud from Morridge, Staffordshire Peak Distirct - short drive from Croft House Barn, Waterfall